Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cube Life

Most of you know that I applied for the training position at work. Well after two tries, I've decided that if they don't feel I'm ready for that department, I'll try something else. Plus with the stress of every day life, I discovered I really enjoy coming to work and just focusing on what I'm doing and getting work done. I think I'll try for a training position when my children are older and things are a bit calmer at home. And besides, even though they said that the trainer doesn't have to have a college degree, they gave it to a person that has a BS. I may never "fit" into their invisible mold.

My team is divided into two parts. NIGO (not in good order) and Disbursement Correspondence/Strategic Processing. I was on the NIGO half. DISB_CORR is made of the most senior processors on the floor. They handle the most sensitive groups. My manager asked us at our last team meeting if there were any of us from the NIGO "side" that would like to fill the spots. No one offered but me. Is it a promotion? Partly. Only the best of the best work with this type of processing. I'm getting my annual raise anyway, regardless. But I do move cubicles.

(My third Cubicle)

I've moved cubicles 4 times in 3 years. This will be my 5th move. I never really got comfortable in my present cube since I've been trying to climb the corporate ladder. Some people might think working in a cubicle would be terrible but not for me. Based on that career test I took from Leelee and a silly Feng Shui test, I'm working in the perfect environment for my personality and brain. We're allowed to decorate it however we choose. Our cubicles don't have those high walls like some of our departments ( like IT does).

Our ceilings are very high, so it doesn't feel like it did in my very first cubicle that had very low false ceilings. The building I work in is very large. The only downside to my actual location is that the restroom is completely on the opposite side of where I sit. So is the break room. I love drinking hot tea. I need to invest in one of those hot tea makers so I can just fill it in the morning and drink tea all day. I try not to get up and get more tea until break but sometimes I'm just thirstier than that.

During the holidays we decorate. Since no one decorates for my holidays, I just decorate differently. I used blue garland instead of the red and green everyone else was using during December. And since I have yet to see anyone actually decorate for Passover, I just write the days of Passover on my board. I have a lot of plants. My philodendron isn't looking so good, so I may let my friends take clippings and bury it.

I move cubicles sometime next week. It will be nice to rearrange all my stuff and get it all clean and organized. I took a big box and bag of stuff I don't need at my cubicle at home and most of it was trash. It should be a smooth move. I will be able to learn what I need for this new position and then just focus on my work and career development.

Just thought I'd share some of my cubicle life.


  1. Just wondering if they would let you put up some kind of framework about your cuticle to do some muslim fabric draping. We used to put colored tissue paper in the florescent light fixtures at school to make the environment less sterile. Here is a link to the school catalog to show you what I mean

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us!! I love being at full-time Momma but I sometimes miss the structure and routine of a job...and my cube! Everyone in my office would make fun of me because I would move cubes ALL the time! We had a HUGE office and only four people...and cubes were everywhere! Sometimes I would be by the bathroom (that cube was biggest), then by the window (but that cube was smallest), then the cube in the center was closest to the copy, fax, and paper shredder! I could move my cude, all my decorations, files, and computer & phone in less than 30 minutes. It would motivate me and inspire me...and then I would move...again. Congrats on your "sort of" promotion!! Keep us updated!

  3. Change deters stagnancy! Shake it up my dear.