Thursday, February 25, 2010


We all have them, but it simply rips my heart in two when my children have them.

Tzipi had a nightmare about a big scary monster and it affected her so deeply she was crying again while we were building her parade float. Her lip started quivering and she wouldn't make eye contact as she said she really hoped she didn't have another scary dream. How do you explain that they aren't real?

My dreams sure feel real and they affect me throughout my day. I had a dream where I was fighting with everyone at work. Just letting it all hang out and guess what, I got reamed by my manager. That's so not me, but it's telling. I went to work the next day on my best behavior.

Then you tell them to pray before they sleep and they still have nightmares. I wish nightmares would come when we get older. That way our faith doesn't waver as children. God is with us, dreams are our way of dealing with scary stuff we can't control.

Zee's nightmares are so strong that he thrashes and screams and sometimes walks around the house speaking gibberish. I'm sure this is his way of dealing with the 14 surgeries, but still as a parent you want to DO something about it. I am happy when we all sleep peacefully and wake up with a smile on our faces.

I would take all the scary dreams if I could. They don't need them. They are so innocent and precious.


  1. I too deal with nightmares and night terrors. I even wake Kevin up sometimes screaming so loudly. It is miserable. I will pray for you all to have peaceful sleep.

  2. Lance says I scream, toss and turn, and talk in my sleep - during night mares probably - all the time. I don't even remember it when I wake up most of the time. And the nightmares and dreams I do remember make me wonder what kind of person I am to dream some of the weird things I dream. Linda and Kevin got a taste of what Lance has to deal with last year at Three Falls Cove. You might ask her about it...