Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lots of Fun!

This morning, Zippy and I went to Wal-mart to get our groceries at 8:30 am. There were hundreds of birds on the ground.

My mom and I played yesterday. So much fun! My mom is the chicken lady. Some days she'd rather not be. Hobby farms are a lot of work.

A giant spoon. I'm not sure that will fit through my front door much less fit in my silverware drawer. Makes me want to sing, "the cat and the cradle and the silver spoon, the .... and the man in the moon"...

I love my butter bell and at Tuesday morning we found tiny ones for entertaining. How cute are these?! (Didn't buy them, just admired them.)

I took my kids on a rare trip to Wendy's. I even caved and let them get frostees. Zee had GI issues for two days, but sometimes it just sucks not to be like everyone else. (He's allergic to milk.)

This was her happy face, believe it or not.

If I had a tank, I would so get a spotted puffer fish. I think puffers are adorable and these mini ones at Wal-mart warrant a visit every time we buy groceries.

I accomplished my Competent Leadership with Toastmasters. Zee forced me to pose with my certificate. (I hadn't had a chance to even open it yet). I posted it because of Vanna White. :-) I was really tired... this was just before bed time.

The boys (my nephews and son) made a mud castle on Saturday. So much fun. Miss those days of playing in the mud.


  1. What a jam packed day. Looks like everyone had a great time. I too remember playing in the mud. Darla and I still remember the time we were making mud pies at grandma's and had gone out around grandpa's station looking for ingredients. We found an Orange Crush bottle that was half full of an orange liquid. We thought it was Orange soda and thought that would just make a dandy mud pie. Boy were we surprised when we poured it in the pan and it started smoking and dissolving before our eyes. It was not Orange Soda, but instead battery acid poured into the bottle. I still shudder today when I think about what could have happened. The experience didn't stop us from making mud pies and I doubt we ever even told an adult what had happened. Glad you had fun with your mom.

  2. I sure had fun with you Saturday. Sunday was as busy as any day I've had in a while, but hey it was so fun to make the Forget-me-not Keepers with the gals. They sure loved embellishing them.

    I love my picture of you holding the spoon. Dad said the spoon was in focus, but nothing else. Hey it was a cell phone picture!

    Love my chickens, but they ARE a lot of work. Not like I need extra work these days. Such is life in the farmer Josephine lane.