Saturday, February 13, 2010

I get to go to PROM!

OK, most of my friends and family know that I was home-schooled. That is a good thing for many reasons. I didn't have the stress of peer pressure during the most hormonally challenging time of my life. I had the freedom to focus on my studies and not on the temptations that most teens face and I had many opportunities that I would not have had going to school (Flying, volunteering, traveling and spending loads of time doing the things I loved.)

However, there were a few things I didn't get to do. At the time, it's a good thing I didn't do them. Prom typically means premarital temptation and vanity. This isn't always the case, and getting dolled up, dancing with a sweet guy and having great memories of a fantastic night can be very rewarding.

Well yesterday my sweet hubby told me that he had won two tickets to the "second chance prom". He was surprised to learn I wanted to go. So thanks to my amazing sister Hester, the children have a place to stay while we go have a really fun time. I have no clue what to expect, but getting out and doing something out of the ordinary should be great. They are supposed to have Prom Photos, dancing, hor's doeuvres, punch, ballroom dance exhibition and silent/live auctions. The proceeds go to Martha's Home (a homeless shelter for women and their children).

So stay tuned as I hope the lighting is conducive to a few photos, so I can blog about our wonderful time. Pray for Avi's toes though... I can't dance and he's a great dancer! YIKES!


  1. I know you will have an awesome time with great memories. Avi could wear his steel toed boots.:)

  2. God never asks us to sacrifice that He doesn't bless us in big unexpected ways. Favor my dearest daughter. I know there were times you hated being homeschooled, but I know it was the will of God for us. May He always shine the light of His truth in your heart by His precious Holy Spirit. Your momma

  3. I can't wait to hear all about it! How did Avi win the tickets? Radio? Lance and I have been to several great performances and things because I won tickets on the radio. I think I will start listening again rather than always listening to audio books.