Saturday, December 19, 2009

My busy weeks...

I'm going to go through the craziness that has been my December. These are pictures that I took with my phone as my camera has died.

This is Zippy playing with all the fun she got for her birthday and Hanukkah. She has had so much fun playing cooking Mama, that I bought her, her own version of Cooking Mama for the DS.

Last night was the last night of Hanukkah.

Thursday I went to my Son's holiday party at school. It was fun to get to spend special time alone with Zee and his friends.

This is Zee's Latke Rabbi. That's a long story!

Sometime this month I painted our toenails blue.

Wednesday night Zippy helped me make monkey bread for Zee's class party.

Wednesday morning was Zippy's Holiday program. She was not interested in performing. She didn't get the performance gene like Zee did.

The first night of Hanukkah, we were in Lubbock and the boys were having so much fun in their matching pajamas and playing legos.

We each had our very own Hanukkiah. They were so beautiful all together.

I decorated my cubicle in Blue and Silver.

Most likely the only one at work with THESE Holiday bears.

The weekend before that I had my Craft bazaar at Paramount Terrace Elementary School. I had been busy creating cards every free minute I had. Literally every 15 minute break I had, I was making cards.

It was fun, but very messy.

Then the day finally came.

Didn't make a lot of money, but it was fun regardless.

Here are the cards displayed.

I sold 17 cards.

For those of you who know how small our house is, you can appreciate how nice it was to spend 4 days at the large house I grew up in. The kids had plenty of room to run and be free. November 28th we went and surprised my Mom on her birthday. These are the only pictures I have, but perhaps the other people that were there have better pictures.

The kids took a bath every day.

And painted in my mom's activity room.

The living room. Not as it was when I lived here but beautiful still.

This was my room from when I was 15-22.

The dining room.

The kitchen where I filmed many a cooking program.

You want a laugh, watch chickens run. SOOOO hilarious!

Zippy is riding her favorite goat. I don't have any good pictures because it was challenging taking pictures with my phone. My aunt took some amazing pictures so maybe I'll get a copy of hers.

This is my favorite goat. Cuddly and sweet.

My furry sister.

Kiss me goatie!

These fish were at the Children's Museum in Midland.

The fish like Jean Luc Picard had in ST:TNG.

Nemo's home. Anemones are really cool to watch.

My first puffer fish. I loved watching it swim.


  1. I love the pictures! Loved this post!!
    It just dawned on me...does your folks still live in the Midland/Odessa area?? We should plan a trip! Since I am from Odessa I love going home any chance I get! John would LOVE a road trip with Zippy and Zee...and it would give us a chance to get caught up!! We could plan a quick weekend trip...leave on Friday when you get off work...come home on Sunday - I will do the driving...and Randy would pay for our gas!! Think about it and let me know!!!

  2. I'm so glad you posted an update. I miss knowing what is going on, but seems you have been very busy in December. Great pictures even with your phone camera.