Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to you!

My aunt Shauna posted these two pictures on my Facebook profile. She has a fancy smancy camera like my aunt Leelee and boy does it take awesome pictures. This was Tzipi's favorite past time at Grandma Welter's house. Riding her favorite goatie.

This was a picture that turned out better than any I've ever seen. It captures her essence so beautifully. She's leaning on a tank with a gecko in it at the children's museum in Midland. My beautiful precious little girl is 4 years old today! YAY! Three is over!

I pledge to get down on the floor and play more with you. I promise to yell less and praise more. I promise that your stubborn nature will lead to determination and you will never give up. I love you more than any other little girl in this whole wide world.

Thank you God for giving me this beautiful girl to take care of. You know how long we waited for her and how many times I prayed that my son would have a sibling. She is a blessing and I love her very much. Continue to teach me how to raise her the best way I can.

Happy Birthday Birdie. Eema loves you very much!

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  1. You are right, great photos. I too love your precious little "birdie." I'm looking forward to our sleepover and girls time myself. Thanks for sharing her with us.