Tuesday, December 15, 2009

At least I still have a job!

OK, so by now most of my family and friends have heard that I did not get the job. That's OK. Really. I knew from the get-go that this was God's decision. I want Him to guide my path, not the other way around. He is not my CO-PILOT. Someone as qualified as the MAKER of the UNIVERSE can fly my plane! The other people that I was worried about did not get the job either. It's a big mystery at work: Who did get the job? I have no idea right now.

All I do know is that I am enjoying Hanukkah very much. I have been so blessed to be able to give gifts to my family this year. This may be the first Hanukkah that I've been able to do so. I love giving.

The holidays have been fun at work too.

And people have been asking about Tzipporah's birthday. OK, if you know Tzipi, she can't handle lots of change, transition and chaos. I handle it, but I don't enjoy it at all. So when it comes to her birthday, I do what she asks. I figure it's not about me. She wants to make strawberry cupcakes. She does NOT want me to come to her class and throw a party. She is adamant about that. So when she gets to the point where she wants a party, then by golly I'm gonna throw a HUGE party. (but only if she wants it.) I've been to too many parties where everyone is having fun except the birthday person. If you have something for her, you can give it to her whenever you want to. This is not my doing. I'm a typical Mom that loves throwing parties. (Ask my friends and family in Wyoming. I had an event every month.) My daughter isn't there yet. She likes private time with small groups of family. Her birthday is in the worst month too. But I'll make it work when she's ready.

Now Zee has been planning his party since his last birthday. Indiana Jones. He's already told his class that I'm bringing cookies to his class. So I'm going to find out if Cakes and More can make whip cookies and fedoras. That's what he wants. We haven't quite figured out the where, since he wants to do many outdoor activities that aren't really possible in January, but I'll figure that out too. If you have a copy of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, please let me know.

Well, I'm off to another day of work. Thank you again for your support and encouragement during the whole process of trying for a different position at work. Love you all! Miss you.

Oh, and LeeLee... I need to come see your decorations! Hopefully I'll find some time before Christmas! :-)

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  1. I know. It's hard to believe we live six blocks from each other and NEVER see each other. What busy lives we all lead. We will have up our decorations until after the first of the new year, so surely we will see you before then.
    Love ya,