Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Bad Things Happen

I can't go into details about this weekend, but I just needed to reflect a bit. I go into a zone and can't stop thinking about it. It helps to do something. When I'm not doing something I am thinking about the next thing I can do to help, wishing I simply had more time in my busy day. To speak in general terms, my very close friend had a terrible thing happen. It is hard to understand why this terrible thing happened, but it did. So now I try and think about what I can do to help her. I don't have much to give considering that I have two children and a husband to care for as well, but not doing anything makes it worse. She's by herself. She has three children. She doesn't have a close network of people to call on. I know that bad things happen and I can't think of it past that point. I want to scream and cry and run all at the same time. That won't help anyone. God is here. He was there when it happened. He is hurting too. He wants to help her and He has, she isn't dead. I can't focus on the why. I only have right now. Her needs are real and there are small things I can do to help. Our friendship is unique. At one time I didn't like her. Then I got to know her. She is a strong powerful woman and is doing her best to make it through this life. She has three beautiful children that have the potential to do great things. We sit next to each other for many hours each day. And her cubicle is empty. I hope its not empty for long.

Your continued prayers for her family and her restored health are much appreciated.


  1. I will pray for her, her family and you as her friend. It is hard to understand when bad things happen.

  2. You are helping her my friend...by posting what you posted many people including myself will be praying for her! What a dear friend you are.

  3. Anytime hard things happen we are forced to stop and think. We'd love for God to simply stop it all, I know there are days that is all I can think, but He is so long suffering and patient. He wants all of us to find Him, to find perfect love. So we pray for your friend, but more importantly that the one who caused the bad thing would find the love of God before it's too late.

    God is so good He even makes provision for when bad things happen accidentally!

    Your friend has the Body and we're interceding for her without stopping. She will be stronger when the memory of this has faded from all our minds.

    Sounds like you could use His comfort too. I'm the mom so I can pray for that for you (I already do.) Huggles and snuggles from home.