Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going with the Flow

Well, I've been taking my business a little at a time. Waking up while my family is still sleeping and investing an hour building my business. I have training in Lubbock on the 22nd, a party/workshop on the 29th, Vacation to 3 Falls Cove where I get to hold a workshop for my family, a club meeting in September, and a conference in October. I've already had my first order and I'm so excited about creating new samples with all the techniques I've learned. I'm even working on my website so customers can buy without waiting for my next workshop or event. . There are times when I only wish for some quiet time to work on my business. It's a challenge to balance a full time job with a part time dream, but it simply takes a lot of organization. Thanks to Toastmasters, I'm not intimidated with speaking to strangers and I've also gained a great deal of confidence. I schedule phone meetings with my upline in the morning and a phone meeting with my husband and children in the afternoon. Then I spend time cuddling with my children after I get home and then write a thought or two in my journal. My upline is incredibly encouraging and gives me assignments each day so that I am not overwhelmed. I don't do much when my children are awake because they are so young and needy. I can often sneak a peek or two at a Stampin' Up! site while they are watching cartoons or playing outside, but I save it for the early morning.

I am glad I am chasing this dream. It's been a great decision so far and I only have more and more ideas for the future of this business. Thank you for your encouragement!

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