Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yes, the kids tried to rescue a baby mourning dove. They named him Noah.

He had largish feathers, so I said it was ok to try and keep him alive.

He spent one night in our home and it was fun to make food for him and try to get him to eat.

It was a very special thing to hold this creature in my hands and watch him look back at me. Avi took him outside for fresh air the next morning and he flew up into the tree. Avi said, "he's in God's hands now". As soon as I got back from work Zee said, "Noah's dead". Avi said, " we don't know that, God is taking good care of him." I laughed with Zee's blunt answer. I am not sad. It was a special thing that this bird let us take care of him for one night. I love birds. That's why I named my daughter Tzipporah. Beautiful little bird.

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