Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Monkeys

I took these pictures last spring and I just had to post them. Children are so much like monkeys. Loud, active creatures that are always looking for the next tree to climb.

Monkeys are intelligent and mischievous. Tzipi is always trying to sneak candy and take Zee's favorite toys. Zee is always doing whatever he can to keep from wearing clothes and sits in the strangest places.

Zee's room is decorated with monkeys and he loves to read books about monkeys.

They are always ready for the next fun event, birthday party, or adventure at Wal-mart (when I let them tag along). We never go out to eat any more, so anything extra we do at home goes a long way.

Tzipi loves to cook and Zee loves to play with me on the computer.

March should be interesting. We have ordered a disconnect for our satellite tv. We will have to work a little harder to keep the monkeys happy. Once it gets warmer, it will be easier. I hope to find a swing set for the monkeys this spring. They both love to be outside, so it shouldn't be too hard. I also hope to encourage the monkeys to embrace the piano this summer. Well the monkeys are restless so I need to go back to the zoo!

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