Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cafe Webkinz

Welcome to Cafe Webkinz!
We buy the only freshest ingredients for our dishes. They are made to order for each of our customers.

Our staff is incredibly eager to serve each and every one of our customers.

Chef Zee loves to make the nicest comfort food for his guests.

Tzipi loves to keep our kitchen nice and clean.

Here are some of our happy customers.

Nanna the Gorrilla: The bananas are the best at Cafe Webkinz!

Slither the Snake: The Hamsters are so fressshh!

Kola the Koala: The Eucalyptus Salad is crisp and yummy.

Otis the Pug: I love the Rotisserie Chicken.

Lee Lee the Bichon: I love crunchy chicken! Ruff!

Please come visit our Cafe soon! We can't wait to feed your hungry tummy!


  1. Too cute and what fun for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Looks like you all had a great time. I especially liked Leelee!

  2. How cute. I bet Zee and Zip loved this game.


  3. Do you take reservations?Mookie59