Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why Paper Pumpkin?

My son gets boxes in the mail full of goodies all the time. He was the one that introduced them to me. I did a makeup one once, but 90% of the stuff in it made me rash and itch. The food boxes are fun and all, but I cook every meal we eat and it gets old whether I shop for it myself or not. 

So when Stampin' Up came out with Paper Pumpkin, I was intrigued! Finally a box for me. Adhesive, stamps, paper, pre-cut embellishments, and all the guesswork done! Even the INK is included. And if I don't want to follow the exact instructions, there are tons of videos on Youtube that allow me to "think outside the box". 

What can you do to make it more fun? Get together with a bunch of crafty friends and drink some wine, eat some goodies and craft until you've laughed so hard your sides ache. 

Sound like fun? Join today. It's only $19.99 and that's with shipping and handling included! There's a sale going on right now so join today.

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