Sunday, December 11, 2011

iPhone adventures

I am blogging from my new iPhone. I spent 30 minutes typing in all of my contacts. I didn't want to waste gas driving to AT&T just for a few addresses. I do wish I understood how this thing works a bit better but I'm learning. I would have spent my morning downloading iTunes rather than doing it once my phone arrived. I like starting fresh with a brand new phone. I can be very picky about what I put on. My friend Marci let me borrow a case for it until I can buy my own. It is comforting to have a case on this extremely newfangled gadget. If I wanted an iPad this is a close second. The tactile thing is still a bit frustrating but I will eventually have a stylus and that will help. I've had lots of help with this new acquisition from family and co workers. There is a slight learning curve but like most apple products they had the consumer in mind. So far my favorite thing to do is pinterest. Marci showed me her kindle App and that looks pretty cool too. Well I have to get on with my day.

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  1. Hope you enjoy your new phone. I know what you mean about the learning curve. Everytime I use Kevin's iPhone, I click the main button at the bottom thinking it will work like our Blackberry button to give us a menu of options. I know you are very familiar with Mac products so I know you will figure it outand never look back.