Saturday, October 23, 2010

Toastmasters Conference 2010

Wow! I have had so much fun crammed into just a few hours. I posted hourly pictures on Facebook. I've learned so much that I can't wait until I get to share all my fun with my fellow Toastmasters back at work. I am so glad I was blessed with this opportunity. My body is wiped out, but this was such a time of personal growth.
I was nervous that my recent challenges would keep me from being comfortable and free to speak to strangers. However, as a first timer, they can't if you wanted to. There's this game where you have to get signatures from different people who hold offices and are from other towns. The more signatures, the more chances of winning. Right off the bat, I had people asking for my signature. It's a great idea!

Well, I took a pain pill, so it's starting to kick in. I have lots to talk about! I'll have to save it for later.

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful time and learned lots. Hope you didn't cause yourself too much pain.