Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zee's Second Grade Open House

This was Zee's open house on Tuesday. He took some of the pictures and I took the rest. It was fun to see where Zee spends his days.

Not sure what this means, but it has to do something with 2nd grade Mondays and Wednesdays. (He's asleep or I'd ask him)

He's been learning about the half note and just had to take a picture of it.

These are the xenotropic plants in the science lab.

Here's a mini globe.

Here are some goldfish in the science lab.

Here are the adorable lab tables and stools in the science lab.

Here is Zee in his class.

Here is the StarBucks Store. He can buy things like "pink slippers for the day" and "show and tell". He has already purchased a movie and popcorn and he spent his hard earned bucks for my birthday Christmas bracelet.

Here is Zee's photo of their guinea pigs. I LOVE this picture. Watch out Leelee, looks like you have some competition in photography. I handed him the camera, and VOILA, he gets this!

His science book illustration.

The two water turtles.

A sand dwelling tortoise?

Tzipporah is giving me a fake smile because we had a big huge fight right before we left. I wanted her to wear clothes to the open house and she wanted to wear her bathing suit. I won, but boy did I pay for it.

Zee was trying to take a picture of Mrs. Trevino, but it's kind of far away. She's on the left side of the doorway.

The auditorium before PTA meeting started.


  1. I LOVE This! Thank you for allowing me to be part of their school days by posting the pictures. I almost never figured out how to post a comment. I linked from FB, and there was no post comment place by doing that. I had to come back without linking. Weird.
    I can see that the school day is something that Zee enjoys. I am so happy that he is involved and likes to do a variety of things - and that they offer such great opportunities. It looks like a great school.

  2. Nee,

    A child's perspective. We lose it if we're not careful. A child's innocence, we lose that too if not protected. May he always keep his gentleness and innocence and touch others with his heart.