Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Family Vacation

Hi! It's taken me a bit to get back to blogging. I wanted to share our fun family vacation. There are only a few pictures of me since I was the one taking the pictures.

Avi found me and took a couple pictures or else there would be no proof that I actually got in the water.

Here are the kids in the cove. Zippy and I walked to the cove, but the kids road a paddle boat.

The girls had a blast in their bathing suits just being girls.

They were busy cooking and making dinner of leaves, dirt and rocks. It was serious fun!

Here's Zippy wearing her life jacket. She was a very brave girl and spent many hours near or in the water.

Bubbe is blowing bubbles for our butterfly girls. This is Sara Bell.

You can kind of see Sophie (Little Tiny) in the background.

Here are Zippy and Sara playing with their own bubbles and have tons of fluttery fun!

Zee caught loads of fish. This is his third fish. His first fish is in the next picture but there was so much excitement, all we got was...

this. Sorry Fishy. We didn't mean to torture you. You just happened to be my son's first catch.

Here comes Samantha. Zippy was so excited to see her cousin. They had so much fun together. They even had a sleepover!

Here is a picture of the pond.

The left side of the pond.

The three falls that make this spot, Three Falls Cove. It is so relaxing and beautiful. I only wish I had had more time to play here.

Prickly pear in all it's prickly glory.

Yet another beautiful picture of the cove.

Zippy and I shared special mommy and daughter time during this picture. We talked and talked and looked at a blue Herron and snake and had a great time. (Zee was busy being a boy with the other boys.)

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