Thursday, April 13, 2017

Minimalism and Norwex

Minimalism is all the rage. The people that have embraced this new way of life have covered all the bases, except for one thing. Cleaning supplies. It's vital to keep your place clean for a myriad of reasons. Let's just focus on health.

When my kids had a stomach virus, the choices for cleaners were numerous and most of them made me very sick.  What do traditional cleaners do? The cleaners mix with the germs and create an antibiotic-resistant virus. That's terrifying. How will we ever fight germs if our cleaners are creating Super Bugs?

Norwex uses water and their amazing microfiber to lift 99% of the germs off of the surface, where they can be sanitized by boiling water. We know the efficacy of boiling water. They still use it to sterilize medical tools today. I'd rather use boiling water than chemicals any day.

With this in mind, go back to your cabinets full of chemicals. Imagine getting rid of it all. Can you see how beautiful your cabinets will look full of dishes and holiday items instead? Because you will be able to move all of your Norwex to a drawer and one hanging organizer on the back of your kitchen pantry door (for your mop). Less really is more.

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