Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School

 We didn't get to start school on the 26th of August like the other kids in Lubbock as we had to go to Dallas for a follow up (post op) appointment.
 So we started on September 3rd. Pinecone decided to say hi before we left. (like always)
 The kids were fascinated by a moth that held on for our trip to the library. He was a very furry fellow!
 Zee was situated at his own table doing ratios in math, learning about the medieval times and learning about weather forecasting.
 Here I am helping him with his English assignment (that made absolutely no sense). Common Core is for commoners.
 Tzipi was doing math at her table showing her rad math skills, Before, Between, and After.
 Then came lunch and PE: Swimming. Ah yeah!
Nice pool on a warm day.

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