Friday, July 29, 2011


OK. Zee and Tzip had their shots for school. They won't need another until they're both 11. Zee didn't cry! I'm so proud of him. Tzip fussed, but heck, she's five. She gets to fuss. I still fuss and I'm 32. They got to go to Frazzleberry after for a really special treat with Abba.

Then we sold the car and then we didn't sell the car. We had money and then we didn't. Long sad story.

Now we have interested parties in the car. Not sure what will happen next. Trusting Someone Bigger than you and me.

This weekend I'm going to do my best to forget about it all and rest at Three Falls Cove. Two days of family and rest should get me pumped up to hit it hard at work.

I had a cold this week and we are short handed at work. My friend left for Corpus Christi and I was really sad. So now a team of 6 is a team of 3.

I will be really busy this year as Area Governor for Toastmasters. I will have Toastmasters Leadership Institute training with our District Governor on the 6th of August. I'm looking forward to learning a lot with that.

I will be teaching Sunday school at the Temple. I'm looking forward to spending special time with Zee.

Tonight I lead prayer services and hope that Tzipi stays off of the podium. Oh well, it will still be fun.

Can't hug every cat!

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